On hot beverages.


It is funny how trends run in cycles. What you see in the picture is how my grandmother used to brew her coffee. This time it around is just pseudo-updated with a Japanese name and some marketing. Bottom line is that this is in my experience the best way to get the best from your beans. The recipe is simple. Hot water (96 degrees). About 7 grammes of fine grounded light to medium roasted beans. Make sure they are not roasted two decades ago – buy from supermarkets with high coffee turnover. Use a clean filter and wash it before use. Pour water in circles from the center and out. Let the coffee soak in with the water for a few moments at the first pouring. I’ll bet you can find a very nice video showing this on YouTube.

Lastly: don’t pour your good coffee in a dirty stinking old thermo. Actually, don’t use a thermo at all.


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