En rigtig god udsendelse fra P1/Orientering om flertallet i Folketingets lyst til at overlade vurderinger, der burde tagets af domstolene, i hænderne på det danske politi. Spørgsmålet er om politiet er i stand til at vurdere, om et konkret tilfælde af en overtrædelse af knivloven er noget der kan ses igennem fingre med eller ej. Hvis politimanden er i dårligt humør, så ender lovertræderen med en tur i fængselet i 7 dage.

Dear Mr. Postman!

Looking through my old photos I found one of a mailbox next to a Blockbuster. On the mailbox was a note to the Postman. It reads something like:”

To the postman: By mistake I’ve “returned” a movie in the mailbox instead of the Blockbuster next to. Do you mind dropping the movie in their drop-box? Thanks.”

Oh dear. I hope they sorted it out :-)


Redhead Day

Listening to the radio just now, I heard that in Breda in the Netherlands they have a Redhead Day where redheads gather once a year to celebrate (see their webpage). I should have attended, was my first thought. The guy on the radio had been doing some digging and had discovered that red haired have some odd characteristics.

  • They require more anesthetics before surgery. Is this some generic phenomenon or is it just because red haired descend from the Vikings and have bigger & stronger bodies and thus needs more anesthetics
  • Red haried are an endangered species. There will be fewer of us in 100 years, because the gene is dominated by the non-red hair gene – or something like that. Today we are less than 1% of the world population. Scotland has the highest concentration of 13%.
  • Antonio Vivaldi had red hair.

Naturally, you’ll find more on Wiki