What you’ll get for 1 Euro

48 photographs of what € 1 will buy you in an ordinary supermarket. Once you’ve seen the pictures, you’ll probably agree that DKR 7.4 would not buy many of those plates – certainly not in Copenhagen… 

…but that’s no surprise: Copenhagen moved up from 6th to 2nd place in one year on the list of the worlds cities with the highest cost of living.  Here is the top ten:

  • Oslo
  • København
  • London
  • Dublin
  • Zürich
  • Stockholm
  • Helsinki
  • Genève
  • Paris
  • Wien

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    Biking in March…

    After a 7 day delay I got my new bike last friday (March 7). I had a meeting at work, so I could not leave until 1.30, but that was okay because the roads had not dried up from the mornings shower. (As an aside: I’ve already learned the importance of good weather forecasting, so now I’m a daily visitor at dmi.dk) The weather that Friday afternoon was overcast with wind speeds about 8 meter per second; the thermometer showed 8 deg. Celsius.

     I arrived at the dealer, payed the down-payment and got a 10 minutes instruction about the bike. Then I drove off…

    …with full throttle, you’re probably thinking! But no… The dealer instructed me to keep the revolutions below 4,000/minute for the first 800 km, and below 6,000 from 800 to 1,600 km. Besides: new tires are slippery the first 120 km so corners must be taken carefully.

    I was also a bit nervous – have only driven a bike a few times since July 2003 when I took the MC-licence – so no fast cornering or full throttle for me (yet).

    The first stop was the nearest gas station. I filled the tank with 13 litres of 95 octane and then I was ready for the maiden voyage with 72 horses between my legs :-)

    In Copenhagen, the place to go for cruising is the beach boulevard – “Strandvejen” - so I drove there. And what a fantastic feel! It is much more thrilling to go 70 km/h on a motorbike than in a car. You are much more exposed to the “elements of nature”: wind, rain, bugs, temperature etc. And the sound! The 2 cylinder engine gives a great roar when accelerating from 3,300 to 4,000 rpm in absolutely no time.

    But it was a cold for my fingers (I made a few stops to warm my fingers on the engine, but that didn’t keep them warm for long) and I was not too keen on driving in the dark, so after 50 km I headed home…

     Saturday I took her for a long spin in Copenhagen, and Sunday I drove to Humlebaek to see Cezanne & Giacometti @ Louisiana (five of five stars). After returning I filled the tank. The odometer read 242 km which gives 18.6 km per litre (or 5.4 l/100 km if you prefer).