Construction workers

A snip from one of those funny things you get in your inbox:

“These men are installing and setting solid steel pillars in concrete to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a sports bar in downtown Norman, OK. Wonder how long until they realize where their van is parked.”


Storm and rain

It’s not only the wind turbine in the film clip below that suffers from the bad weather. I’ve had to postpone the delivery of my new bike from March 1 to March 7. 

S-e-v-e-n more days! It feels like an eternity. I think my perception of time at the moment is at the ‘dog level.’ (You know: one year equals seven dog-years.) 


New photos on Flickr

Yul Anderson

I just uploaded new photos to my flickr account. See it here.

All the shots are from scanned black and white negatives (Kodak Tri-X 400) taken with my Elmarit 28mm lens on my M6 body. Negatives are developed in T-Max at 20 degrees for 6 minutes, dryed and scanned on an Imacon Flextight 848.

 The guy at the piano on the photo above is Yul Anderson. He plays in Købmagergade here in Copenhagen during the summer.

330 km since 1/1

330 is the number of kilometers I’ve run since Jan 1 ’08. The average length of my 5 weekly runs is 11.8 km with a pace 5:05 per km (11.8 km/h).

My goal is to run Copenhagen Marathon on May 18 in 3 hours and 40 minuttes.

19 is the number of days until I get my new motorcycle. I hope the two things will go together :-)


World Press Photo

You can see the winning World Press Photo photos here.The pictures does not look as ‘horrid’ as they did a few years ago (apart from the winner of the ‘best news’ category) – perhaps the world is becomning a better place? :-/ There is certainly nothing as tragical as this among this years winners.

Get you own Capa print

It not because I’m a particularly big fan of Robert Capa that there is lot of post on the subject on this blog at the moment… (of Magnum photographers I prefer HBC and his wife to Capa, but more about that another day).

But if you do like Robert Capa photographs and have 3,000 Euros to spare, here is your chance of buying your own hand-printed copy of an original Capa negative. It portrays Pablo Picasso holding an umbrella for a lady on a beach. It’s number 142 of 150 copies. 

 Here’s the auctions description (in Swedish):

Robert Capa, original svart/vit fotografi. “Pablo Picasso and Francoise, Golfe-Juan August 1948″. Silver gelatin print. Senare tryck. På baksidan klistermärke från Apperture Foundation. Utgiven i 150 exemplar 1996, denna är 142. Initialer skrivna av Cornell Capa. Storlek 45x35cm.”