University Video Podcast

DR reports that a few Danish universities has started video-podcasting lectures. Yes, that is true, but the ones I’ve seen so far is not a series of lectures, but merely single lectures on some topic (mostly humanistic).

But if you’re interested AAU, SDU, CBS, AU has a few, but no economics yet. Also, iTunes Music Store (iTMS), which is probably the podcast center of the universe, has a category on higher educational podcast’s here. Finally, there’s an international list here, where you’ll find links to e.g. London School of Economics (mostly podcast’s on political science), Princeton, Harvard, Columbia etc.

Otherwise you can just search on “economics” in iTMS, which will give you some IO, macro growth theory, search theory, but the ones I’ve heard have been on an EXTREMELY low academic level…

But there’s definitely potential in the technology…

Super duper house track

I had almost forgotten about this track until I heard it in a Dublin club last friday night. It’s a fantastic old school house track with vocals by Alison Limerick and mix by Frankie Knuckles. Once it was votede the no. one house track of all times in MixMag.

Unfortunately, there is no video on the YouTube link, but the sound is OK.

A few other favorites:
Delacy – Hideaway (in the Helicopter radio edit)
Laid Back – White Horse (video recorded at the Police headquarter in Copenhagen)