I’m in Oslo for a course on health economics at the University; maybe I’ll elaborate on that later.

The Economics department at University of Oslo probably has the best view of any Econ department I’ve ever seen (even that of Prismet in Aarhus). I’d bet that you can see all of Oslo from the 12th floor of “Eilert Sunds Hus.” The picture below is an example.


And some facts about Oslo:
(1) clean city (little grafitti & litter in the streets; electrical trams + metro)

(2) quiet city (which may be due to the low pop. density of 1,300/km2 whereas Cph. has approx 5,800/km2)

(3) lots of beautiful blond “jenter”

(4) High price level! According to the PPP-theory, the exchange rates should adjust to equalise the price of a basket of goods and services around the world. A Danish Big Mac cost 28 DKR (= 30 NOK @ 106 NOK for 100 DKR). In Norway, a Big Mac actually costs 42 NOK, meaning that the Norwegian Krone is 40 percent overvaluated against the Danish Krone. Maybe this is because foreign investors get confused when they observe (1), (2) and especially (3).

(5) an extraordiary large number of sculptures


What to do in Copenhagen for the weekend?

If you’re close to Copenhagen you might go to DGI-BYEN’s “Newyorker billeder” photographic exhibition just opposite HovedbanegÃ¥rden (main train station). It’s free to watch, but if you feel like bidding for one of the photographs at this auction it will set you back around 2,000 DKr.

While you’re there, you could go for a swim in their 100 meters long elliptically-shaped swimming pool. Nice place that will set you back 54 DKr.

You could also go to the homeless football world cup @ RÃ¥dhuspladsen (town hall). I think it ends tomorrow (Saturday) where HRH the crown prince present the price to the winning team.
See the organisation’s website.