…on my way to Lübeck

Tomorrow, Tina and I are going to North Germany for a small holiday. If we can find her, we’re going to see the Death from Lübeck (in danish). More on Wikipedia.de.


Update JUL 2, 2007: Now we have returned. We did not get as far as Lübeck but stayed in the Flensburg/Kiel-area. On the first night, Wednesday, we stayed at a hostel in Aabenraa (pop. 16,000, see Wikipedia‘s article), but that city was rather dull so we left for Flensburg (pop. 85,000; see Wikipedia‘s article) Thursday morning. In Flensburg we met with Bjarke – a friend from uni – and he invited us to stay at his penthouse with a view over Flensborg Harbour (thanks again, Bjarke :-) )

According to Wiki, Flensburg is known (to germans) for:

* the nationwide database of traffic violators
* its beer Flensburger Pilsener, also called “Flens”
* the center of the Danish national minority in Germany
* the greeting Moin
* the large erotic mail-order companies Beate Uhse and Orion
* its handball team SG Flensburg-Handewitt

I tasted the second and we were often greeted with the fourth (and noticed a lot of porn-shops in Kruså).

Friday we drowe to Kiel did some shopping in the walking street and saturday we drove back home… I’ll post some photos when I get the negatives developed…


The view from my hotel-room in Stockholm.


Today the sweeds celebrate midsummer so everything in Stockholm is closed (heck, I almost slammed my head into the door of a CLOSED 7-11!) :-/ Instead Andreas and I went out to Skansen and saw the Vasa-ship, which is a Swedish warship from 1628 that sank on its maiden voyage because it was too heavy in the top. The ship was raised from SkærgÃ¥rden in 1961 after 333 years in the deep…

By the way: I wan’t to add another chapter to the Sweedish beer story that I started in a previous posting. Can you see something odd in the picture below?


Why I’m in Sweeden again? Because I’ve been to a conference in Uppsala on Causal Inference with Donald Rubin and Guido Imbens (a famous statistician and economist – in case you did not know :-) ). When I get around to it, I’ll write a long and thoughfull explanation of what causal inference is (I bet you’re looking forward to that). We were five Ph.D. Students from AKF who attended. Below is a picture.