Unpacking Porn

Just bought a new portable computer yesterday: A MacBook Pro. I have made it a tradition to shoot some photos of the unpacking process. It’s completely useless for others, but it contributes positively to my utility.

See the QuickTime-movie by clicking on the picture below.

MacBook Pro Unpacking

Here you can see a page created in iWeb – Apple’s consumer web authoring tool. The page took about 10 minutes to create and upload. It’s the same pictures as above, but the resolution is higher.

Update 28. Jan. 2007
I did a little speed testing of my new system against the 3 year old iBook. The test is – off course – completely unfair. The new machine – a MacBook Pro (MB Pro) – runs Tiger and has a Core 2 Duo 2.16 Ghz processor with 1 GB memory, where the old system runs Panther and has a G4 933 Mhz PowerPC processor with 640 MB memory.

The test has three components where the two rely on the processor speed and the third on the harddrive (i.e., this is not a test of the graphics etc.). Here we go:

1. I typeset my thesis – 66 PDF pages – in LaTeX.

The iBook took 10.9 seconds to do a job that took the MacBook Pro only 1.27 seconds. Thus, the MB Pro is more than 8 times faster.

2. I ran a benchmarking program in Mathematica where the system calculates the eigenvalues of a matrix, decimals of pi etc.

The iBook scored 0.27 (whatever units) and took 6 minutes to do the job. The MB Pro scored 1.65 and took only one minute to do the same job. So the MB Pro was 6 times faster in this test.

3. I copied a 85 MB file from a folder to the desktop. This test should tell something about the speed of the harddrive. The harddrive in the MB Pro does 5,200 rotations per minute, which (I think) is equivalent to the iBook – thus no big difference is expected.

The iBook took 27,74 seconds to copy the file and the MB Pro took 9,64 seconds. The MacBook Pro was around three times faster.

So overall the MacBook seems to be 6 to 8 times faster measured on processor speed, but only around 3 times faster when I look at the harddrive performance.

But did I ever mention the display on the MacBook Pro?! Now, there is another story to tell – but that will have to wait :-)