Amazing TeX

Compile this piece of gibberish in (plain) TeX and prepare to be impressed of what code can do:

Fjfi71PAVVFjbigskipRPWGAUU71727374 75,76Fjpar71727375Djifx
RrhC?yLRurtKFeLPFovPgaTLtReRomL;PABB71 72,73:Fjif.73.jelse
B73:jfiXF71PU71 72,73:PWs;AMM71F71diPAJJFRdriPAQQFRsreLPAI
I71Fo71dPA!!FRgiePBt’el@ lTLqdrYmu.Q.,Ke;vz vzLqpip.Q.,tz;
;Lql.IrsZ.eap,qn.i. i.eLlMaesLdRcna,;!;h htLqm.MRasZ.ilk,%
s$;z zLqs’.ansZ.Ymi,/sx ;LYegseZRyal,@i;@ TLRlogdLrDsW,@;G
LcYlaDLbJsW,SWXJW ree @rzchLhzsW,;WERcesInW qt.’oL.Rtrul;e
doTsW,Wk;Rri@stW aHAHHFndZPpqar.tridgeLinZpe.LtYer.W,:jbye

Cite: David Carlisle, “A Seasonal Puzzle”, TUGboat, Vol. 19 (1998), No. 4, p.348. See

See the result here.

Das Leben der Anderen

This film is really fantastic: Das Leben der Anderen.

I’m still wondering if it’s a coincidence that it begins in the Orwellian year.

Spiegel Online has a review.

So, if you want to brush up your german language skills there are 4 fantastic films to see (in arbitrary order):

Sophie Scholl
Der Untergang
Goodbye Lenin
Das Leben der Anderen

Ph.D. at akf

I can’t get my hands down at the moment!

Two months ago I applied for a Ph.D. in labour economics at “Amternes og Kommunernes Forskningsinstitut” (akf – institute of local government studies) in Copenhagen. This weekend, when I checked my mail, there was an answer: I got the job!

So now I’m in a hurry of finishing my thesis, because I’ll begin my new study on the first of November…but more about this later.