New Desktop: Mac Mini

The local Mac-dealers cut of DKR 1,000 off the Mac Mini because Apple is releasing a new Intel-based Mini; I could not resist that offer so I bought one. Below is a picture of the computer and 5 cd’s.

The computer comes with build in AirPort wireless network, Bluetooth, CD-RW, 1.5 GHz G4 processor, 512 MB of memory and an 80 GB harddrive. It is very silent in operation (although not as quiet as my iBook), takes up no desktop space and weighs only 1.5 kilo.

Urban Shot

This shot was taken in a nearby tunnel under Ringgaden in Ã…rhus. I suspect that its kind is a common finding in most lager cities. The highligts are burned due to a long exposure – around 6 seconds, I recall – but this should increases the depth of field.

Panorama of the Garden at Windsor Castle

The panora below is from a summer trip Mads and I took to London a few years ago. It is stitched from 5 images which were all given the same amount of exposure. I used Photoshop to put the panorama together. My procedure was to first align the lines by eye. Then I fine tuned each picture separately using the “Transform” -> “Perspektive” tool from the menu. Next, I used the dodge and burn tool to make the panorama appear seamless. Finally I cropped the picture and cloned the sky and the concrete in the lower right corner. The sky is not quite perfect, because it is difficult to clone smooth surface. I used Gaussian Blur and added some noise to make it look real.

Windsor Castle

Lucaskirken på Ingerslevs Boulevard i Århus

Jeg har opdaget en fin teknik til at skabe større dynamisk rækkevidde i billeder som er taget i RAW-format. Metoden er at passe på ikke at brænde højlysene ud i optagelsen og så fremkalde to billeder, hvor det ene er overbelyst. Bagefter åbner man begge billeder i Photoshop og bruger MOVE-værktøjet til at trække det mørke billede oven på det lyse. Herefter tilføjer man et Adjustment Layer maler det lyse lag frem under det mørke vha. en Paint Brush. Man kan læse mere om metoden på tips og tricks siden hos Phase One.